First and foremost: thank you to the roughly 200 dog owners who accepted my invitation and came to the studio with their dogs, in some cases travelling wide and far to get to Berlin. Berlin is famed for being the capital of dogs, but nevertheless, not even there you get all the breeds. My special thanks to Angelika Silber who brought her very attractive dogs to three of the shooting sessions and sacrificed valuable time for very special hairstyles. Also many thanks to Jana Posna whose poodles are real stars.

Thanks also to the vet Jana Czernutzky from Berlin who helped me find extraodinary breeds and consulted me on many technical matters such as the desired thickness for the mat where the dogs jumped on. She was also present during one shooting. 

Thank you also to my husband Rene, my friends Eva Göllner, Peggy Reimer and her friend Andreas, without whose practical help on set I would never have managed.

Thanks to my loyal assistant Andreas Musculus, who labored by my side through the four dog shootings, and he doesn't like dog hair! I will be eternally grateful for his technical insight and calm demeanor that helped us through difficult moments, for example when a flash generator didn't work and the dogs were threatening to run out of treats, when he calmly had the situation under control in no time at all. 

Another great thank to the team of Delight Rental Service in Berlin for providing an exceptionally good light equipment under difficult circumstances.

Delight Studios Berlin, and Konsum Studio, have trusted me with their studios inspite of me announcing the visit of over a hundred dogs!

Thanks to my friends Sonja Hilzinger for project consulting and editing and Eva Göllner for translating into English.

Thanks to my friend Volker Lutz who spent many hours of pixel acrobatics on the computer, making sure that the dogs were really flying, every single fine hair included.

Thanks to the camera man Andreas Haas for shooting the making-of on set.

Very special thanks to my teacher and long-standing friend Peter Lütkemeyer from Folkwangschule Essen who all these years has always been by my side with advice concerning photography and other matters of live.

And finally, without Myrsini Stephanides of the Carol Mann Agency, the project would never have materialized into a book, because she found my flying dog series on the internet and helped me convince Michelle Howry of Simon&Schuster to make this a reality. Thank you Kaitlin Olson, Jessie Chasan-Taber, and Lara Blackman for taking such excellent care of my flying dogs trough the production process and getting them to the printer.

Thank you all!!!

Julia Christe